We are a passionate neurodiverse team of technologists, clinicians, and neuroscientists.

We are on a mission to help everyone understand and embrace neurodiversity.

Our neurodiverse team comes from a range of backgrounds, but each of us has a connection to the challenges of the adult neurodivergence journey.

It took our cofounder Ai Ling over 5 stressful years of chronic fatigue to get assessed for ADHD alone, and that didn’t even seem to explain everything she was feeling. The entire process of discovery and diagnosis was incredibly negative and isolating, focusing mostly on what was "wrong" rather than leaning into the strengths of being neurodivergent.

There are millions of people who are still on this confusing journey today, as unmanaged ADHD, autism, dyslexia and other neurodivergences can affect every part of your life - from career challenges and fraught relationships to higher rates of burnout and chronic illness.

Colin had worked in healthcare his whole career, from Doctors without Borders to Babylon Health, increasing access to care when there was limited availability and resources. A lot about the current state of things didn't make sense:

  • If 1 in 5 of us are neurodivergent, why is it so difficult for people to get access to appropriate care and support, particularly members of the Global Majority, girls and women?

  • Why are most workplaces chronically under resourced when it comes to nurturing a neurodiverse workforce?

  • And if ADHD, autism, dyslexia and other neurodivergences are often co-occurring, why are they assessed in silo?

Together with a team of clinicians, neuroscientists, technologists, and intersectional neurodiversity advocates, Noetic was founded in late 2022 with the goal of helping everyone get access to the answers and support they need.

By carefully using the latest in digital health technology, we’re creating a positive, seamless experience for neurodivergence screening, diagnosis and support, ensuring we understand a more complete picture of our minds and live more empowered lives.

Noetic (adj.) - of or pertaining to the mind.

Want to join us on our mission?

Want to join us on our mission?

Want to join us on our mission?